Thursday, February 13, 2014

App Slam!

Over the weekend I was approached by +Shannon Soger  to complete a video of my top 3 apps I use on the iPads in my classroom. You can check out my video and see some favorite apps that my students  use at school!

My App Slam Video

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Skype me!

       My new favorite activity to use in the classroom is Skype! Skype is a FREE, yes I said FREE program you can download to make telephone and video calls via your computer. Your computer must have a webcam, internet connection and a microphone in order to use the program. Check out their website to learn more at
     Our Speech and Language Pathologist, +Elizabeth Arenas  has incorporated using Skype into our Speech group sessions. We have partnered with the middle school Special Education classroom in our district. This has been an extra special activity for our classroom because many of these students graduated from our elementary school last year. We have set aside Friday mornings to Skype our middle school friends.  We start our Speech group practicing introductions and saying good morning. Our students who are non verbal use communication devices such as the Big Mac or the programs on the iPad such as ProLoQuo2Go to help them communicate. Our next lesson will be sharing an activity, craft or something we learned about at school during the week. Skype-ing is a fun, motivating and easy activity to help students work on communication, listening and overall speech skills. Last week our Principal, +Jeremy Majeski  joined in our Skype session! Check out our photos below! 

The girls saying hi on Skype for the first time! 

Our Principal, +Jeremy Majeski  joined in! 

Waving hi to our friends in the middle school!